“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.” ~ Fulton Oursle

Friday, March 23, 2012

Faith in YOUR spoken words and thoughts

“One can release, through one’s spoken word, all that belongs to one by Divine Right. One must, however, have perfect faith in one’s spoken word.”

 – Scovell Schinn

I have experienced the greatest pleasure in watching those around me use positivity in ones spoken word to manifest great things and great outcome in various situations. Life can be oh so very stressful, and just when you sometimes think things have turned for the better and you can relax, another thing comes up. That’s just life- it happens when you are alive.

Being positive doesn’t mean you are going to avoid the “shit shows” of life. Not even saints or sages are immune to them. However, one’s positive thoughts can most certainly have an effect on the outcomes. It really is all how we handle things. Shit shows are bound to happen. Shit shows build character, and more so- show ones character to those around them.

Choosing to be positive about life is a choice, yes a choice. You choose your attitude every day, every second. If your attitude sucks, it’s because you chose for it to suck. However, you can change that at any point in time. I know this to be a fact because I have to “choose” my attitude quite often when I am being less than jovial or sitting around feeling sorry for myself.

Once you “Choose” to be positive, and select positivity in your spoken words, it’s very very very important to make sure your positivity and your faith is unwavering- faith in the positivity that you have just spoken. By faith I don’t necessarily mean religious faith, but faith in whatever you believe in. You do not have to subscribe to any religious dogmas what so ever, just a faith in a good and positive energy. And by wavering, I mean there cannot be any breaks or doubts in this energy frequency. If we all are made out of energy, then our thoughts are also frequencies of that energy. If there is a break in that frequency or thought, it is not consistent- and the universe will pick up on that. End result- the frequency does not reach its destination.

Let’s say for instance your intent is to turn on the light. We flip the light switch, but let’s say there is a waiver (or brief break) in the energy frequency flowing through the wires. There will be a stop in the energy and it will never hit end of the wire for the light to come on. The break in that energy indicates there is not a certainty that the light is wanted on. The same applies for our positive thoughts- they must be consistent beginning to end to see the desired result.

I get that our negative past experiences make us full of doubt for all potentially future experiences. We have to choose to see the future in a positive light, with a positive- unwavering expectation- and here come the hard thing- even when there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of anything good anywhere in sight. This is where the unwavering faith will make all of the difference. I urge you to just try it for just one week. It doesn’t cost a penny, and if it doesn’t work (which it will if applied correctly- I am willing to be one of my Hobo Purses on it- Yes I just be a Hobo Purse) will provide astounding results. If things are already questionable in life, what do you have to lose?

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