“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.” ~ Fulton Oursle

Friday, March 30, 2012

Pro-Active Versus Reactive

You’re in a ever peaceful daze of slumber when it hits you…BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP (or what ever annoying noise you chose to set your alarm as), and that Damn thing is going off again. Innocently, you hit snooze for just another few moments of shut eye. Then it goes off again….and once again…you reach for the snooze….This may happen several times before you realize the clock is ticking in a major way and you need to get ready for work before you’re going to be late.

Off into the shower where you face off in a contest with yourself to see how fast you can possibly bathe and still come out squeaky clean. Then you enter your closet in a frenzy trying to finagle some sort of stylishly acceptable outfit that doesn’t give the air of “I totally overslept and now am frantic” look. On the way out the door and battling traffic, you ponder “why do I do this to myself?”

You’ve just chosen to begin your day in a REACTIVE state of mind- setting the tone and energy for the day. This is a state you left yourself in, and most likely the day will continue like this. You are ill prepared for the day and without the right mind set. I know this because I have done it one time too many, and realized there was another way- to choose to start off the day being PROACTIVE, instead of REACTIVE.

By starting my day off right, I not only am not frantic and ill prepared, but I allow myself to have a few moments of peace before I begin my day. I can begin my day with positive thoughts.

I like to go over in my mind of the things I am thankful for while I take a nice hot relaxing shower. On that list is the fact that I woke up healthy, the fact that I woke up in a free country where I have so much abundance and my choices are unlimited, that there truly is no lack or limitation in my life, and of course that hot shower I am in.

Then I like to set the tone for the day and give thanks for a positive, successful and productive day in advance- because I have chosen to make it so.

We all have the time in our days to develop a little routine to make it Proactive. My friend who lives in New York City likes to take his train commute in the morning and evenings full of positive energy and affirmations. Not only does he start off his day this way, but ends it in this way as well.

There are all sorts of things we can do for positive moments- I like to keep some of my favorite positive quotes taped to the back of my visor in my car- so when I pull it down I have a great reminder. I change out the quote whenever I feel I need a new one. I also have them on my desk top and my Vision Board.

Another friend of mine has them taped to her computer monitor, and another has them on her refrigerator.

We all are artists and have a paint brush with the ability to paint the version of reality we want to have. It is always our choice to paint be in the picture we want to be in.

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