“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.” ~ Fulton Oursle

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Another good article that I came across for positive thinking and keeping our Victrolas wound- so to speak. Here is to keeping those good vibes close to us today and every day!

Small Steps Against a Prevailing Wind

The Dynamics of Making Progress Creating Your Own Reality

Author: Jorj Elprehzleinn

There are two universes that you have to work with when you are creating your own reality. There are detailed methods of how to do this. Once you know how, and you are doing it, the more experience you have about what actually happens, the better you can enjoy your life.

One of the phenomena that occurs is that the outside world resists the force of your intentions. This can be perceived as a force going against you, or some people just take it as a challenge. In either case, if you try and make something that exists in your own imagination, come to life in the ordinary world, which is also called, "The Universe", that something meets with a force.

The universe is more dense than your thoughts and imaginations. So when you project your imagination it can be like trying to get something to go through a brick wall. You might even find that the brick wall starts to push back!

Let me give you an example. One classic wish or imagination is to have a million dollars. Most people have this wish. You probably do also. Personally, I have other financial goals. For this example, if you have this wish, then you can answer the question, how is that going for you?

Have you got the million dollars yet? What I want to do is see if you can feel that resistance. If you can feel it then you can understand how to move through it and work with it. Because if that is your wish, I want you to have it.

It is not necessarily, "not working" when you feel that resistance. That is normal. Your thoughts, your mind power, is strong vibrationally speaking, against that force. So if you know about this you can keep on taking steps just like someone walking into a strong wind. There is resistance but you still get there.

Your thoughts are less dense than the things of the outer world, and then there ar the thought forms in the outer world which can be just as strong as your own thoughts. Your thoughts may be less dense, more refined vibrationally speaking than say the actual million dollars which is more tangible.

However your thoughts are more INTENSE. The force of a thought, sustained and maintained like a goal or dream, is more powerful, in my opinion, than anything that is materially against it.

You can strengthen your thoughts by various techniques, including using sound, or other methods to make them more pure and clear.

What is most important that I am writing to convey today, is that the effect of your thoughts is like a jackhammer on concrete. The jackhammer is very small compared to the hard rock that it is breaking through, however the jackhammer takes small yet forceful steps at a fast vibratory rate which break up the things that it is working on.

I think that is how your thoughts and my thoughts find the way to fulfilling our hearts desires as they penetrate out from our imaginations into the ordinary world. When you feel the resistance to what you desire and imagine, remember your thoughts have power, yet at the same time that power is like the jackhammer it has to penetrate to breakthrough into full manifestation of your heart’s desire.

And that is another feeling I would like you to feel the feeling when something that you once only imagined that you want, is now a reality. That is a very specific feeling, and the reason I recommend to people who are using mind power to write down all the things that show up that they once only desired, so you can know that feeling and get better at it.

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