“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.” ~ Fulton Oursle

Friday, May 25, 2012

When Habits Become Our Behavior

Positive mental attitude is everything. It’s how we choose to live within our own minds. It makes existence easier and less stressful. We exist anyway- why not choose to make it an easier existence all round? On my current rants of “not being moved by appearances”, I have tried to explain how it all means and how we can incorporate it into our own lives for better living a peace of mind.  It’s been a practice that I have implemented daily for the past six months or so. So much so, that it’s been impressed into my subconscious mind, which is a good thing. I have finally gotten it there. The habit has now become a behavior and a natural reaction.
I am a very active dreamer. I recall most of my dreams every night, as to which most of my friends get to hear about it all of the time and I am sure most of them want to punch me  in the face because they don’t care to hear about in that volume or capacity. But this one has a point this time- I swear.
The dream was this: I was at someone’s house that I had never met before. I had never seen the house either.  There was some sort of social gathering going up upstairs at the house, when the host came up to me and said they were having problems in the basement in which they needed me to take a look at for them. So I follow them down to the basement and ask what the problem was. They pointed to a locked door and said the problem is in there and proceeded to hand me a key. They said the problem was that of the evil behind that door. That there were dead bodies that came to life in there and reeked havoc  on the living- and that most never made it out of that room. The host said they could never go back in there- there were all sorts of protective religious symbols on the door and prayers of protection.
I took the key and unlocked the door, turned on the light and went in. A normal cellar room at first- nothing out of the ordinary. Then the door slammed shut and locked, and the dead bodies manifested. They began to move about and objects started flying around the room. Holy Hell- they weren’t kidding I thought to myself. I stood there for a brief moment, with inkling to panic, but I didn’t. I gave the situation the raised eyebrow and stated that I would not be moved by appearances. The situation in and of itself was deeply negative. I then stated to the shenanigans before me “None of these things move me. I have a choice on how to react to the environment around me. This situation falls and crumples under its own weight.” Just as soon as those words poured out- the evil dead creatures stopped what they were doing and just stared at me. The objects around the room stopped flying around. The dead creatures retreated back to their respective corners from which they came. I left the room and shut the door behind me. The host eagerly waited outside for me and asked how I had made it out ok. I told him that those negative energies fed off of the negative energies we take with us into that room. They enjoy the mass hysteria they help us create by the appearances they put on for us and they feed on it tremendously. It is there only source of energy. The doubt, fear, hopelessness and hysteria.
“Oh.” He said to me with the most confused expression on his face. “It was that easy?”
“Uh huh.” I replied. And handed him back his key. I told him that if he agreed to be” unmoved” that he could keep that door open and that they would never bother anyone. They only had any minute power if on let it tap into the fear and hysteria- which is just beneath the surface in all of us. Then I joined the party upstairs and proceeded to dance to “Papa Loves Mambo” by Dean Martin.
The point of this is to show how positive thinking has changed from my habit into my behavior, even in dreams deep in the depths of my subconscious mind. A serous success in my opinion! That could have been one seriously stressful and creepy dream. My conscious choices are now taking over my subconscious. Hopefully it will replace any deep rooted negative thoughts. Or at least take up so much space in my head that the negative has no more room to exist comfortably.  So here is to creating new positive thought form patterns, and making them stick! It’s taken a while to change some of those patterns, but not that long when you consider how long it’s taken to create the wrong ones.
Here is to a great day filled with the right thoughts, habits and behaviors!

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