“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.” ~ Fulton Oursle

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Directives

Everything Begins with You. You are responsible for your life, your choices, your attitude and the energy you allow to radiate from you. Whether that energy is positive or negative, it is your choosing of the vibe you put out and attract back. The mind is a rather complicated entity, yet in the same regard, can be kept simple. When things are put into perspective, the mind goes from a complex thing to a simple and easy to maneuver your life and your actions- stress free and worry free.

 Napoleon Hill quoted, “Whatever your mind feeds on, it attracts.” Consider the content of your mind. What type of thoughts do we allow to occupy the mind? Usually, it seems to be occupied with  worry, doubt, and fear or our personal problems and life issues that come our way. Unfortunately, what most do not realize or consider is that the worry, doubt and fear aspect that we have become accustomed to having in our thoughts more often than not, attract those very things we worry, doubt and fear. Worry, doubt and fear are composed of negative energy frequencies. If lack and limitation of any sort is on your mind- you will more than likely attract lack and limitation.

The mind is a very powerful source of energy. It is a tool that we do not use to its maximum ability. Education and being smart is one thing, but this is training the mind to attract better energy frequencies, which are more likely to yield more positive results. We have the ability to use the mind power to direct it to whatever we may choose. Take possession of the mind instead of letting the mind and its problems take possession of you.

If you have a worry or concern, limit the amount of time those thoughts can occupy your mind. Instead of worrying, being fearful, having thoughts of lack or limitations, replace those thoughts immediately with thoughts of thankfulness and gratitude. The energy around you needs to be stabilized and grounded for a good beginning of positive thought process and a positive frame of mind. First and foremost, give gratitude for what you do have. Many people in this world would trade places with us instantly. I recently read an article from the New York Times for a class about modern slavery and human trafficking. It was in this I gained a huge perspective of my thankfulness and gratitude to be who and where I am in life.

The article was about a young Asian girl who at the age of six years old, was sold by her family to a brothel. At the age of six, she was sold as a commodity to a foreign pedophile as a child virgin. Thinking the nightmare of her life couldn’t get worse, it is common for young children prostitutes to be re-stitched as virgins to be sold again as a prized commodity.  The young girl tried to run away but was caught each time, in which punishment consisted of being put into a vat of human excrement filled with scorpions and spiders. The girl recalls being punished up to nine days in this manner. Things like this are happening in the world this very moment. So there is my personal perspective to give me instant gratitude.

When I am being a spoiled brat for wanting more material things, ways of life, the infinite quest for “more” -perhaps one should focus on the greatness that already surrounds us, the ability sometimes for happiness is just to recognize it. So many people would be willing to trade places with us. We have so much, but lack the ability to recognize it and the ability to be grateful.  This is the foundation upon which happiness and positivity lie. Whenever you have a problem, give thanks first for what is going good in your life. Then, focus on the solution of your problem- without worry, doubt or fear. One of the most important things to do is to give thanks in advance- for the solved problem, the solution or whatever it is you want. This will likely attract those positive energies your way- versus if you were focused on worry fear and doubt, it is those energies that would attract to you. It really is your choice what type of energy or vibe you put out. If it is negative- you will unfortunately attract that right back to you. If it is positive, positive energy will find you more easily. It is all a simple choice of the mind. Doubt, worry, fear, lack, and limitation should have a very limited role in your show. Give the lead role to a positive character. Let only good thoughts possess your mind so that you may be open to attract the good things that are all around you.  Good energies are out there, but they have to be called upon to work for you. Let that be your directive.

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