“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.” ~ Fulton Oursle

Friday, April 29, 2011

Festie Besties

It’s about that time of year again, Fest Season, that is. My favorite (yet hectic) time of year where I get to frolic at fests and art shows with one of my besties, Jen. Jewelry and mixed media art just so happen to be our obsessive hobby turned side gig. We met about six years ago, when I was working as a legal assistant at a local law firm. We were looking for another assistant at the time. She walked in with her resume typed up in green bold font and had a green frilly purse to accessorize her swanky business suite. She was sweet. A nice southern girl with manners and a heart of gold. She soon penetrated my hard German Leary exterior and we soon became good friends, hanging out outside of work to pursue on our dearest common interest of the time- shopping of any sort and, of course….. food. She baked me sinfully delightful southern casseroles while I fed her hearty German cooking.

One evening during a caseroleapalloza at her place, she encouraged me to try my hand at her hobby of jewelry making. After about two hours of obtusely handling bizarre and barbaric tools, dropping beads and swearing like a sailor, I had completed my first pair of earring and was not impressed to say the least. I was exhausted and never wanted to see another jewelry making project again. I quit on the spot, or so I had thought.

Fast forward to visit with another dear friend, this time in Wyoming. I had gone to spend a week in the beautiful state of Wyoming with my boyfriend at the time. We were staying with his sister, Tina, who will from this moment forward will be referred to Bobasaurus Rex. Bobasaurus Rex and I instantly became friends. She was gorgeous inside and out, sweet, funny and made the meanest cup of coffee in the Mid West. Plus she let me drink it out of her Deadwood Cup. This girl too, seemed to be into the dirty habit as referenced previously above- jewelry making.

She sat and made marvelous creations, while I sat back and watched. She made it look so easy. It was then I tried my hand at it again. That’s when the addiction began. That week was a whirlwind of fun amidst the beads, French pressed coffee and hysterical laughter. I came back from my vacation obsessed about beading and creating. I fell asleep thinking about what I’d create next. I’d even dream about it.

When I got back to Georgia, Jen and I picked up where we left off in the jewelry obsession and we have never looked back. We created so much, we didn’t know what to do with it. She suggested we sell it, and open up a online Etsy shop and start doing art and craft festivals. I gave her the raised brow and told her “Never, No Way… not even if there was a fire!” I am not a salesman, and have never been one to display my art. After severe bouts of peer pressure and lectures about getting over myself, we each opened up an Etsy Shop. I figured If we ever sold anything, we’d just use the funds to buy more baubles to work with. And then… she did the unthinkable…she signed us up for a fest. Gasp. Eeeek. She just told met o get over it.

Fest, actually, were not as scary as previously presumed. So I made friends with the giant monster under my bed and began to enjoy fest season tremendously. I have the pleasure of spending weekends with my Bestie. We share a booth, where I get to oogle her new creations, thinking “dang! That’s so cool. Why didn’t I think of that? Her stuff is cooler than mine! Maybe I should throw mine out!” as she is over at my table, with the exact same thoughts. LOL!

We love what fests have to offer and we enjoy being part of them. We get to see what other artists are creating, talk to other “Festies” (sorta like Carnies at a carnival, but specific to people who are vendors at fests, like ourselves). We love “visiting” (one of my favorite southern terms, lol) with our customers who come into our booths. We get to meet so many neat people and talk about their lives and our art. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my weekends than doing what I love with fantastic people. Of course, the fest food doesn’t hurt either. Things that should never ever be fried are fried, and then excitedly consumed by Jen and myself. We just love being festies!

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