“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.” ~ Fulton Oursle

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Truth

Existence. What does it all mean and what does it imply? Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? These are things that no one can answer in one universal truth. I have pondered these things since early child hood as far as I can remember. I can recall lying awake in my be at around the age of seven pondering what it meant to exist and questioned reality. How do you know you exist? How do you know what reality is? What will happen when I cease to exist? What if every life form as we know it ceases to exist? What If our universe imploded and suddenly it was all over? What if nothing existed? What if the thought of existence never existed? These are the thought’s that have terrified and kept me pondering since then. Some of these thoughts are enough to send one over the edge. They certainly sent me into bouts of hysteria at age seven, twenty-seven and even still at the age of almost thirty-two.

Most days I simply wish that these thoughts did not consume me. I might be better off living more simply spending my days in front of the television with a big swirly lollipop while twirling my pigtails while accepting the notions of whatever organized religion was handed to me. I might even prefer it. Not that organized religion is bad- but it does answer many questions for you- which may relieve one of further ponderings… But my mind just has never operated that way. It never has.

The 17th century, the French philosopher RenĂ© Descartes came up with the following: "I think, therefore I am". We know we exist, at least in our own minds because we can, and do think about it. This leads me to the next question. What kind of life are we living? Are we merely existing? And if we exist in our own minds- is it a passive existence or a conscious existence? I am convinced we live most of our existence on auto pilot passive awareness. Yes- we are here….present and accounted for, but are we actually here? Are you present in your own mind? How do we start our days? I am sure for most of us it is passive….You get up, brush your teeth, get ready, drive to work, bla bla bla…same as yesterday and the day before that. The mind is like a computer setting and can work just fine on auto pilot. I can function just fine in a day of passive existence in the mind. I have done it for years at a time. Now let’s consider how it is different from active existence in the mind. Active existence is like a really cool computer program that scans the computer for how it can perform optimally. Are you doing that? Chances are you’re not. Why exist if you’re not doing what you love and want to do. You are here anyway. Why just passively exist?

Identify your goals, dreams and passions. Become everything you want to do and be. Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m Possible. If you cannot do everything you ever wanted, at least you have tried. You have actively existed. You can start this at any moment- to live and exist in an active consciousness and manifest it into reality. Or you can choose to live passively with life on autopilot and let it all pass you by.

I think, therefore I am. If you think you are something, fat, worthless, uninteresting…then you are.

If you think you are interesting and worthy, then you are interesting and worthy. You are attracting that vibratory force of being interesting and worthy.

Devil’s Advocate- If you think you are Napoleon, are you really Napoleon? Chances are you are not. But you are closer to it than someone who does not believe they are. On some level of existence in the mind, you are Napoleon.

The local town lunatic may think they are the Queen of France. They certainly are in their minds. And I would like to say that’s where it all counts, but one has to also be a functioning member of society with their thoughts about their existence. Otherwise you may not get as far as you hoped for, just a stint at the Georgia Regional Hospital.

Existence is subjective. Its finding “a truth.” Find the truth that works for you and that is the most functional and productive and that makes the world a better place. Use this existence to flourish and put a smile on your face and those around you. If you are going to exist, make it count.

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Siavash Kashi said...

That is an absolutely right state of mind to have. Not many beings can handle that.
I absolutely agree with our spiritual being. In other saying our spiritual being is doing a human experience. Our 9W source energy never dies but it changes form. Its proven when we die the 9w will come out of the human being body and I will change form into another being (maybe on earth or somewhere in the massive massive universe).
Question has always been, what is the whole point of me (siavash kashi) of being here on earth? Or not only us but any other being(energy) (anything you belive in and you want to name).
It can true that is nothing but to empower your energy so we will be better beings in our next experience.
Sophi’s world is a book I was given for my 15 birthday. It described universe very precisely for a 15 year old, that “imagine the earth is a bean sitting on a wing of rooster, and the rooster is walking beside an acean , and the ocean is in another earth, and that earth in milky way and the whole thing is again another bean on a rooster and ……).
I have a lot to say but tell you one thing again as you meantioned “we are, what we think”.