“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.” ~ Fulton Oursle

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Characteristic of the Human Ego and false self that lead to unhappiness


“The ego is a false sense based on mental concepts. It is identification with the body and the mind—primarily identification with thought form. “ – Eckhart Tolle


Patterns of Egoic Behavior

  • Blaming, Judging, accusing, gossiping and complaining. The ego always has to have something to oppose and complain about. It enjoys judging others and blaming behaviors that cause the individual to reflect outwards to keep attention and focus away from inward reflection.
  • The need to be RIGHT, having enemies or constant opposition, and applying negative labels to people. Some people always have to be right or have the last word. These are the behaviors of line crosses and people who do not know when to stop or let go.
  • Demanding recognition for something you did and getting upset if you did not get it. The ego needs and demands to be recognized. It wants to be better than others and seeks constant approval that will never be met. If you are self-satisfied and minimize ego- you will no longer need this approval or validation.
  • Attention seeking behaviors such as constant talk of problems, illness, how you are the victim in circumstances, creating drama, stirring the pot and making a scene. We all know these people. The only things they have to discuss are negative things in life. Nothing ever new that is good happens to them. They revel in being the victim of their unfortunate and unfair life circumstances. Their story rarely changes. Don’t be this person and stay away from those who are. They drain your energy and leave you empty.
  • Giving your opinion when no one asked for it and/or when it does not change the situation. If you are not looking to improve a situation or change the energy to a positive- keep your mouth shut. You sound like an idiot and no one wants to hear it.
  • Being concerned with how the other person sees you than concern for the other person. Once again these people are completely self-absorbed and are only interested in what is going on in their or heads and lives. Shift focus on something other than yourself. There is a great big world out there that you could be improving instead of creating self-absorbed situations in your mind. It’s not ALL ABOUT YOU.
  • Trying to impress others with possessions. Keeping up with the Joneses or showing off what you have is completely petty and self-absorbed. Try doing a random act of kindness instead.
  • Taking things personally or being easily offended. There are too many positive things in life to focus on or be a part of. If you are easily offended or take things too personally, you are once again way too self-absorbed. It’s not all about you.
  • Needing to be seen or to appear important. If you are a good person, people will recognize and see this. If you feel the need to choose attention seeking behaviors or things that would make you seem or feel important, you are way off track and will never feel satisfied.

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