“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.” ~ Fulton Oursle

Monday, January 27, 2014


We have total freedom from birth to face up to our potential and give meaning to our own lives, no matter what has happened to us or around us. Each day is a new day- a new beginning and we are given an opportunity every moment to make the conscious decision to strive for self-actualization- fulfilling our potential with goodness and growth. Each day we are also given the conscious choice to or shrink away from responsibility choosing to view ourselves as helpless victims of circumstance and our environment and live empty inauthentic and dysfunction lives as a result. The decision is yours. We here at GOGH are here to help inspire those who enjoy the positive energy and enjoy being alive, and to those who need to hear an inspirational word when we are thirsty for encouragement and doing better. Dark times lie in every individual and are part of life and a part of growing. GOGH to inspire and be inspired.

GOGHers are those who have an active interest in growing and learning and developing the positive attitude and outlook it takes to make this the best life it can be. We are dedicated to the personal and spiritual growth of those who wish to better and enjoy life in the present moment. Happiness is always an active choice and an inside job. Each of us determines our own weather and we are not driven by the outside circumstances of life. Life is 10% of what is happening and 90% the way we CHOOSE to react to it.
That which holds us back: Service to the self and the pursuit of activities that support our human existence: Material things, status, wealth, power, preoccupation of the self, judgment of the self and of others—all driven by the EGO.
That which propels us into greatness: A commitment to promoting others achieving a positive reality along with one’s own. Information is shared freely and lovingly. Lack of ego satisfaction, Personal journeys are recognized and valued. Love and positive light is seen in all things. Individuals seek to radiate unconditional love. Each individual is responsible for individual and collective growth and strive for community growth and progress; setting positive examples and being responsible for the energy each of us carries with us. Each of us have the ability to create positivity everywhere we go and to each person we encounter. You never know the impact your kindness has on another, even if it is never made aware to you. There are no limits to your greatness. Be the person you want to meet.

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