“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.” ~ Fulton Oursle

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Harmony and Happiness

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

When any of the above combinations are not matching up- it causes a great imbalance within the self which leads to unhappiness. Satisfaction comes from honesty with the self. Happiness can only arrive when a person is comfortable with his or her authentic self in any light- to include public and private aspects of the self. A perfect life and a perfect self are unattainable because it is not realistic. The key to attaining the harmony is balance. If there is an area of your life out of balance, take a few moments to analyze it and see how it can be balanced out to be something you are more comfortable with.

Perpetual self-improvement and higher goals and ideals lead to better a better quality of life. The definition of insanity, according to Einstein, is doing something repeatedly the same way expecting different results. Life is a changeable force. Most situations can be changed for the better- but only IF you want them to change. It is often the case that people complain, and when provided with solutions to their problems, do not want to remedy the situation in any way shape or form. Some individuals enjoy perpetual problems and a consistent amount of drama in their lives. There are those who thrive on this type of energy. If there is an issue in your life, and you claim you want to change it, but haven’t yet- ask yourself why? Is there something you are getting out of the perpetual problems? Are you enjoying some aspect of it at some level? That may be the case, because if it weren’t you may have resolved the issues long ago.

 Cut out unhealthy patterns and negative energies to make room for healthier life patterns and energies that draw in the positive. If you took the time to look up from whatever it was you’ve been fiddling with the last whoever knows how long, you might see there is a bigger and better world out there other than that irrelevant thing on your mind you’ve been obsessing over. Out with the old that is not working for you and in with the possibility of new; balance the aspects of your life out and enjoy the harmony. Happiness and endless good are abundant energies if we only took half the energy to tap into them that we put into other things. A few moments a day to partake in some self-analysis could be the key to your success.

By J. Brochu


Richard said...

Another great, positive post! While I may not always be as positive as I should be in my shark-infested waters, I am positively positive that you should write a book on being positive! Thank you for sharing and best wishes!

Ambivalent Relics said...

Thank you so much Richard. I am starting to work on a book. We shall see how that venture goes. Yes I do find that a positive attude is KEY in all of my affairs. It can be difficult maintaining, but I always get back to it! Hope your doing well. Take care! And thanks for reading.